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Personalized & Fun Vacuum Tube Audio Webspace

The skill in restoring vintage audio equipment

The joy in creating and building new amplifiers

All D.I.Y. and restoration questions are welcome


Nothing is sold, or any services are rendered from this website

The joy of sharing our hobbies in our amazing Digital Age

Happening now 2021

Hand crafted - Musical Instrument NC-30 Tube Amp Head

Updated - Mullard 5-20 "Re-Cap" and "Cathode Circuit" upgrade

Updated - Aikido PR-01 Power Supply, awesome NOS P.I.O. Caps & ALPS 250K Stereo Control

Transformed - Dynaclone SA-35 Power Supply, from diodes to glass

Coming new in 2022

Hammond/Leslie/Wurlitzer adventures - Pro-bono projects from saturdays @ various local Churches

Schematic vault for free downloading - Scanning project currently in the works


Website originally launched on V.2002.01

Current version V.2021.07