A view from the Man-Cave

Welcome click on the Valve (a.k.a. Tube)


So W.T.F. is this website all about Sherman? 

Creating music, Playing music, Enjoying music, Reproducing music, Listening to music, Designing to music

Evaluating lots of music,  Building for the music, Living to music, Measuring the music, & Sharing music

This is all about MUSIC

The motion of electrons in metal and across vacuums in our Equipment

The molecules we place into motion as sound pressure from our Loudspeakers

The equipment is secondary, when you can play an instrument

Open your musical mind

Listen to the sounds of the strings

Feel the the vibrations

Seek your inner sounds

Seek the sources of "Your" cosmic waves

Exercise, Go Outdoors, Get fresh air, Walk, Bike Jog, Meditate in the Forest, Clear your mind, renew the body, feed your soul


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