'The Music Room'

Caveat; this content may activate limbic systems, it's known as Cognitive Dissonance

Read with a Calm & Restful Mind

I am just an Electrical Engineer, somewhat concerned about the well being of the Human race as a collective


Change, Progress and Hope

Typewriters eclipsed by PC's/Printers

Prior to that, Word Processing Systems cost a small fortune

Then came WordPerfect, remember that program?

When we used to call them Programs and Programing

Now we call them Apps and Coding

The noble Horse became obsolete

Now we have them as Pets , for recreation and racing events

When the modern Car went mainstream 100+ years ago

Initially they used batteries, some are not aware

Some used Steam Power, eventually settled on Gasoline

The Old trails and Mountain passes

Became modern paved roads and highways

Still today we have a Fossil Fuels Economy

Eventually this will change

Envision old Photos that showed the rats nest Telegraph Poles?

Well in 100 years a photo from 2021 showing Electrical Poles will look the same?

Tesla build amazing power generating machines

Advanced for their time

Tesla figured out how to make motors "brushless"

Have you ever seen the motor cage in your drill

and see small sparks?

Those are Brushes.

Well Tesla had a vision of a brushless motor

His teacher told Tesla He was wrong

Never could such a motor work

We all know who won the argument!

When you visit the Hoover Dam

There are massive power generating

Water Turbines

This is Hydro and it is one way generating Energy

But it has to change the landscape behind it

As in life, everything is always a tradeoff

Today Fresh Water is at risk

I know there are some that will think I am an alarmist

Well to them I say, Greenspan said a financial collapse was impossible

In a free market system

Brooksley Born at the SEC sure proved Greenspan & His team wrong

Just turn on the TV and watch the News

We now use Energy in very clever ways

We charge electric Car propulsion systems

From Solar Panel Systems

Brownish polluted skies, used to be Dark Grey

Before catalytic converters were invented

Pollution from combustion will wane

Skies over polluted metro areas

Those Skies will be Blue again

The air we all breathe, will carry less particulates and pollution

Instead of War, we will transform the Sahara Region

It will be productive land as it was a few millenia ago

As contaminaed air causes slow deaths in large cities

 Mexico City, New Delhi and Los Angeles

Will enjoy clean air year round

When their Skies were clear as they were in 1900

This my friends is hope for our future world

We will be a cleaner society with less smoke

Less fires and combustion

Leveraging renewable energy systems

These will give rise to a new generation of appliances

We have the Technologies now, why not implement them

Edison and Tesla, DC and AC, side by side

Nay Sayers are locked in their beliefs

That this will never and cannot happen

As they live in their Homes, with obsolete Technology

They are not into Science and don't understand

How Energy and Power can be managed

They never heard of a PN Junction

Have no clue on what XY quadrant

Solar Panel operate within

They still believe batteries are always needed

To enjoy the benefits of Solar Power

Our Homes of the future will combine

Hybrid AC, DC and Wireless Power Charging

Energy efficiencies now unheard of

Likely to need separate AC and DC wiring

Tesla Roof shingles that generate solar power

Many new sources of clean energy will abound

Bashing the new green deal

Maybe that deal is not the way

But just shows more of their ignorance

I guess people oppose Science

To feel more important

In the land of the blind, Dystopia rules

Below is a warmup shot of the GOP in our Nations Capital DC

Now back to Power and Electricity...

For every new appliance or application

Even Gas and Wind can play a supplementary role

Why consume electricity to Heat Water?

When simple, effective Solar Water heaters, were already invented?

Why use Electric Ranges instead of Gas?

LED's are far more efficient, buy them please

Legacy fluorescent or incandescent lamps

Are old school, nostalgic, should be in museums

Hey lets harvest the Power nature already provides

Get some Solar Grid Tied Panels with integrated inverters

The can add up to Megawatts on a large scale

Like working as a team, Solar is not an isolated Power source

That is old thinking

But some cannot and do not understand how

There will be more vehicle charging stations

And will eventually achieve economies of scale

Parking meters combined with charging cables

New homes will have fast Car Chargers options

Shopping Mall Parking Lots

Will be full of Charging connections

Legacy Gas Stations will be transformed

Some Gasoline and Diesel stations

Will fuel our Classic Cars in 30 years time at best

By that time, I just may be 90 and live if lucky

In good medical health, if I take care of myself

The massive Fossil Fuel organizations

Will go the way of the Dodo

If they don't transform themselves

and get with the program

No more Deep Water Horizons

Or Exxon Valdez disasters

Future (TBD)G Wireless Systems and Coffee

Available complementary to Electric Vehicle road warriors

Semi Trucks, will no longer be slow clunkers

Next-Gen Truckers

Will pass you on the steepest hills

They will accelerate like sports cars

On renewed Interstates and Highways

We will use Magnetics and Induction Rails

Range anxiety will be a thing of the past

Induction powering your Electric Car, Truck and Bus

Magnetic levitation will go mainstream

Until we solve the Gravity propulsion paradigm

Clean renewable Power for our Future

Narrow reactive minds

May remain stuck staring at out dated graphs

Some have fossil fuel tunnel vision

They don't understand Technology

They rave about Coal and old thinking

We have no more need to strip our Earth's Crust

A new age of sustainable mining

For energy we must

To power Space Elevators

These will do the heavy lifting our species requires

To become a Type 1 Civilization

But will our cloaked family in space welcome us?

But first and more important

We need to develop our Spiritual evolution

As we still have too much Greed, Hate and Confusion

No more needs for big rocket fuel based propulsions

We will piggy back to Orbit on tall Space Elevators

New space propulsion designs

Space Hotels and Space Tourism

In orbit around our planet Earth

Zero gravity technologies, a new frontier

Patients with Spinal Injuries

Using new zero gravity therapy

Then be shuttled to artificial gravity in Orbit

And lower Gravity on Mars

When we build there some habitable places

In the wafer thin Martian atmosphere

Orbiting Medical Wards

Discovering new Zero Gravity therapies

Quadraplegics no more

The blind will see

The mute will sing

The deaf will listen

The paralyzed will walk and jog

Common diseases, will be less prevalent

We are in a dark transitional phase now

Hang on, it will, with Gods gracious will, end well

What I say will take some time

Remnants and attitudes of the old world still remain

I love to read Assimov and respect Carl Sagan

Michio Kaku is my Hero and role model

At age 15, I leaned Morse Code had my first QSO

Contacted another Ham living in Bangor Wales

From my Shack in San Juan

The thrill that my dots and dashes circled the planet

Then screeching dialups @9600bps

These modems are now past end of life

Unless you need a super high security connection

Over low bandwidth copper landilnes, how ironic is that

Hackers cannot penetrate the old Copper based Telephony Systems

When Public Safety Voice became IP

I was immediately cautious about the security

Ask a millennial to listen to a recording

Of a dial-up modem, they grin and say "I have no clue"

I am glad we got over those 9600bps Dial-up Blues

On the subject of Printers, some airport counters today

Still printing delayed flight details in Dot Matrix form

Sadly Ink Cartridges are mostly a scam

They last enough to print a few pages in Color at best

While they drain your wallet to refill them

Large companies like Airlines

They preferred econo Ink Ribbons

Until they stopped making them

Now those 20+ year old airliners with VCR's

Used in Air Cargo Air Services

A Movie was a nice thing to have on a plane

Now we stream dozens of them

Next-gen faster than sound planes

Will fly across the Pacific in less than 7 hours

New York to Paris in 3

And it's not the Concorde

Airplane headsets used tubes of air

As an acoustic channel to listen to Hits and Tunes

When flying in the early 90's

Many don't recall these headsets looked like Stethoscopes

Now on planes we can use ear buds with nice standard cables

Ethernet and IP are finally Airborne

Airlines are always late adopters

As planes last a couple of decades in passenger service

VPN's encapsulate and protect

Our personal data and information

New and amazing Digital standards

This change was very quick, not long ago

TCP/IP is not even taught

In most Engineering Programs

Except maybe Computer Science

You get IP from your Kids or a Cisco course

It will be rare to be a 'Generalist'

This is probably a good job for retired Boomers

To sort through the past and make extra income

RFC's and their collaborative contents

Urge along IP progress

Safe and rapid expansion

Of data, music and medical records

Old Floppy Disks, became the USB Sticks of today

Our modern systems, they can still burden

With new things Science creates and tests on us

We used to centralize, tomorrow we distribute

Power to the home will come from local sources

Just like food did 100 years ago before truckers

Huge Power Transmission Lines

Will be things of the past

We will see the rise of new paradigms and problems

When systems go down, we wait to be back online

To go on working and playing

Just think of mailing a letter and how long that took

Just 100 years ago the Telegraph ruled

"I never got that text or that e-mail"

This is now a classic excuse

People forget to setup their Voice Mailboxes

Often to deliberately to avoid others

When we work from home

We cannot blame a broken Car or Traffic

Be careful what you wish for, in your excuses

But this is the best way, COVID showed us by accident

Working from Home translates into better energy efficiency

Less wasted time and more productivity

Yet some cranky old Boss still doesn't like it

These things they happen, when change comes our way

 "I never got that letter" was the old excuse

To hide or seek when convenient

Is the game to play for some

Location Based Services make that harder today

Cold-calling humans are called "RoboCalls"

Then you frown and press "hang up"

And murmur "I don't need Auto Insurance, I don't own a Car"

 Now we have Digital wasted bandwidth and resources

Old Human conditions piggyback like remoras on Sharks

This technology does have consequences

And I will list a few of these side effects below

People talk less, text more

They give less, want more

They contribute less, expect more

Spare currency and loose change

Then claim they have no money to spare

Some give to Charity, Animal Shelters and needy folk

Others hoard cash, and claim they are broke

Americans, impatient drivers

Some are intolerant, lead footed

They drive fast by hungry beggars

Standing on street corners

In the comfort of their luxury vehicles

Full of fancy features

They use $150 shades to avoid eye contact

Not only to filter out the Sun

Beggars ragged with cardboard signs

Just asking for food, money or a cigarette from man "kind?"

That Beggar and furry buddies at His side

Filthy loyal Canines, domesticated centuries ago

They cuddle together on Cold nights

Partners in the crime of being Broke and Homeless

How sad to see this side of humanity

Eventually, we will witness the collapse of paper and coin cash

Paper is worthless, Coins now are

Coins used to be money, not made of metals with little value

Ironically our Pennies are worth more than 1 cent

We shall lose all transactional privacy

Unless we trade and barter again

First Nations used this method for eons

Until White Man arrived

With their Trains and Guns

Slaughtering precious Buffalo piled high to rot

You may deny and state this not to be of concern

And I sure hope not to be worried

In the future...

Will Beggars own a Digital wallet?

In the near future, will we create tangible value?

When good things are invented

Mankind quickly wants to profit and weaponize

We make our realities more complex than they should be

Then require proof of work for you not to go to jail

IRS is now worried about Blockchains and Bitcoins

These guys hate competition

They were left out in the Cold

Our "open" and "un-protected" data ports

Allow Ransomware attacks

Then Firewalls to lock them shut


It's aready built into your purchases my friends

After all, how do you control over 50,000 data doors?

On the subject of Cyber

 I must now diverge to congratulate

Special mention, the the hard working agents of our FBI

They just seized back 2.5 millions of stolen Bitcoins

From some very crafty and shady characters

The Blockchain they said was a threat

It must have allowed them to trace

Like bread crumbs or footsteps in fresh snow

Blockchain is better than Cash

And every single transaction is added to a ledger

That does not happen with Cash

But they keep us confused, Yellen says Bitcoin is a threat

The Federal Reserves are akin to Religions

They served their purposes and now mostly obsolete

FBI busted "ransomware as a service"

From bad people who commit high crimes

They steal passwords and money

Great work FBI

Keep up the pressure

Defend Us and Our Nation

The age is now Digital, your responsibilities are critical

I am super proud of our FBI

In these Digital realms all fraught with peril


Dystopia 101

"We The American People"

Have a love for Firearms

All possible variants

Sold freely in our Land

All you need are Folding Tables

A righteous smile as you unload your weapons for sale

Private sellers dressed in Red, White and Blue

No paperwork required

If you are a private Gun seller

Anonymous customers bring cash

To carry their Firearm purchase outside

Individual sellers, anonymous

Just like old open air markets

No law for requirements of any traceable bill of sale

People buy Guns incognito

And this is where it gets stinky

While the real customers hide

Waiting in a nearby parking lots

Shady characters who smuggle US tactical weapons

They take these caches into Mexico

Straight from our good-ole-US of A

These Guns go to Cartels and Bad people

 Criminals here and there pack more firepower

Than Cops and National Guard Stations

Our lax gun laws and misguided fixations

Our Police were out gunned by criminals

So we militarized Police officers

What used to be a simple traffic stop yesterday

Becomes a life threatening situation

Who can blame Police Officers

With one hand on their Glock's or Berettas

The other hand, tapping on your Car window

Just a routine traffic stop

That Cop may not survive to see his Daughter graduate

As the person inside may be the Devil or an Angel

They all look the same

But one of them may have a loaded weapon

Soldiers dress in Olive Drab Greens

Now, we have Blue Militarized Police

TV is reporting on daily mass shootings

But shows no pictures or footage of what happened

Carefully manicured video streams

Unless you click on some obscure Internet link

To see human Blood spilled on pavement

First responders suffer these horrors in person

They then develop PTSD

They don't show any of this on TV

We hear tales of dead innocent bystanders

Now have regular active shooters events

Like 9/11, we already had a list of Terrorists with their Pictures

The same day the Towers Fell and the Pentagon was Hit

So if they knew about these Terrorists all along

Taking strange flight lessons, with instructors confused

Why didn't they stop them before they got on board?

Any Flight student who is only interested in flying

Not takeoffs or landing

Shoulf raise alarms

And some intructors complained

Then more terror from bullets

Just hours after a shooting is over

And innocent people are dead and wounded

They show a photo of the shooter

And his life's history

Most of these Gun lovers don't care

They don't ask questions

Most folks just believe what they show us

The shooter's neighbor

Looks surprised on a TV interview

Says "He was a quiet and kind guy"

We know shooters

Are cowardly Boys and Men, never women

Machos Killing with military precision

They choose Military Tactical Weapons

From their local Gun Stores

Guaranteed maximum flesh penetration

The media hides the carnage

From all Americans and those with gun infatuations

We cannot have real outrage and rational solutions

Until they broadcast the carnage

Of innocent people

With their hands in the air

They must show the full shock a horror

But they never do

Gun lovers say they believe

Only criminals kill with Guns

We just don't seem to care

Crying parents and dead babies

Then another active shooter incident at UPS

We are addicted to a button that says "repeat"

Our Constitutional amendments

Are more important than these tragedies combined

That's why they call them Amendments

So better one's can be made

As we hang on to the past

When people used balls and muskets

We allow terrified elementary school children

To be Killed by military bullets

From Military Grade Weapons

This national firearm obsession

Stand your ground in Florida, I see

A guy actually shot an Iguana and tried to use this

as His alliby, you just can't make this stuff up anyhow

Is our country insane?

And comes up with all types of excuses

All you need is one a great lawyer

Paid by the State

Now if the Killer happens to be a sexy guy

Women go to jail to meet Him

Sending sexy letters and pictures

Yes, Horror is the new normal

They worship Guns and Creation

Then monetize destruction

Mainstream TV channels

And YouTube feeds

We watch and listen crafty middlemen

 Talk about how good Guns are on TV

We have thousands of Streaming Radio channels

But lack effective communication

Unable to hear God's word

But God does not speak limited human languages

Some claim to receive messages directly from God

Then shoot at others after the message is done

We have become deaf, dumb and blind

To our weaponized national obsession

Even though we claim to be rational beings

We get used to massive shootouts

We tolerate huge financial shocks

All of this is what America creates

We have common people who cannot afford food

But save up for a Gun, as they feel unsafe at their job and home

Gun Manufacturers love their luxury homes and yachts

These are well dressed folks, who make lots of money

Its done on the way up, and on the way down

It's simple but tricky Math my friend

On Wall Street they sure know how money bends

Hey wait, the NRA has a fresh new campaign

There are no such things as "Assault Weapons"

You just made a mistake

My AR is just for fun you see

I am not kidding my friends, its a crying shame

U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez

This Judge ruled AR15's are good for "Home and Battle"

Judge Benitez called the AR15 a "Swiss Army Knife"

Apparently this Judge has no kids in school

Yet He may just own an arsenal of Military Weapons

To say these things, He must have an AR15

How can any rational educated professional think like that?

People now post proud pictures

Of Military Assault Weapons Firearm collections

Absolutely no shame in this picture

And why should they have shame

They claim written in our Constitution

As the Second Ammendment

But the problem is in the interpretation

When I read those words

They are contextual to armed militias

Closer to what we saw happening

When they stormed our Capitol earlier this year

I do not read that Joe has the right to an automatic weapon

The second ammendment was written for Muskets

I sure wish that our forefathers would have written

Something more specific instead

Mayve like makingTaxation an Illegal appropriation of individual wealth

In all cases

So the Gun Lovers

The kneel and glorify God under Church Steeples

They don't realize the damage they do

When they perpetuate a ludicrous misinterpretation

Militarized Weapons they say don't exist

Then what killed all those Children so quickly?

Not the Guns my friend, the killer is the Shooter

The Shooter is at fault

His Tactical Firearm has absolutely nothing to do

But it allows less ammo reloads

How do we allow there to be

More Guns than Food for the Poor

They claim no "Assault Weapon" is dangerous

Then post photos of Tactical Military weapons, how disturbing

Followed by wise Ass comments & observations

"There is not a single assault rifle on my wall can't you see?"

Only a few know the NRA began as

A bolt action Rifle membership organization

Now they have escalated the membership

To include all types of Loonies and lots of Republicans

They deny all of this suffering

From any of these militarized delusions

They just live in their comfortable bubble

Of their Americanized Gun fixation

No need to Ban Guns my friends

From Joe, that creepy neighbor

They never broadcasted any photos

From these bloody scenes and messes

They sanitize the carnage, how convenient

First Responders forced to clean-up

Human flesh and bone fragments

Strewn across floors and carpets

 Guns are fun, come on, don't spoil it for me

I wasn't the one shooting, not me

Says your "Conservative" AR toting friendly neighbor

He may not be that bad guy with a Gun

Let's swim naked with Crocodiles and Dolphins my Son

AR's and Pistols best carried in your Trunk or Concealed

Taken to recreation, BBQ's, and very special occasions

When Alcohol kicks in, and a single insult is spoken

A hail of gunfire erupts

And clarifies the grand deception

The media comes charging to broadcast locally

Using narratives and well dressed reporters

The folks they interview say

The AR15 remains safe and practical for all civilians

Creeps, Lunatics, Haters and Racists

We deny these weapons are made for Soldiers

AR15's use high-velocity rounds

Designed to kill humans not Deer or Wild Game

The granddaddy M16, was created specifically

For military helmet penetration, the AR15 is much better

I am now confused

When I study facts

But listen to fantasy and fiction

Mr. Stoner never intended his design

To be aimed at School children and innocent bystanders

Just as our forefathers never intended

The second amendment to create chaos in our present

We love to trade, shop and build tricked-out civilian AR versions

At Gun Stores, local Gun Shows and Weapons Emporiums

Then freely sell Guns, ship them in pieces, and re-assemble them

We even make Guns that are undetectable

Do you really feel safe on Public Transportation?

What ever happened to the art

Of a Stamp or Coin collection?

Do parents really sit down their children in the USA

With AR15's and M4's

To glorify and worship these weapons of War?

Instead of teaching Children by example

Empathy and helping others in need?

What are these Military Gun lovers so afraid of?

Guns don't make America Free, We do

This is where they are totally mistaken

What happened to owning a nice Shotgun

Or vintage bolt action rifle

Even a Remington with that faulty trigger mechanism

So in WW2 and Korea

The M1 Garand used less bullets in the clip

Yet we won a War against fierce enemies

Now we have magazines with dozens of rounds

Are we shooting herds of Deer or at many innocent People?

A 0.45 is good for the rare case of a home invasion

Perfectly justified, in this particular moment

When one needs real protection and has the option

Now lovers of Guns carry and conceal

Maybe in anticipation of a rare moment

To appear as Hero's on TV

Shame has been transformed

Into a glorified national militarized firearm disgrace

Rapid fire NATO Rounds

Bought at stores and dirty mail order places

When a fancy scope makes it a breeze

To kill that Bear at a huge distance

Where's the Sport NRA, I thought you were all Sportsmen?

What a shame Mr. Hunter

You come across as a cheat and a sleaze

You are just another weakling

Carrying a militarized weapon

Now here is a real Gun advocate and lover

Ted Nugent's big mouth

He talks about

Species management, sounds reasonable

Correct Mr. Righteous Bigmouth

Grab your Nuts, I mean your Head where your Brain is..

Your medium-rare flesh addiction

reall came through when you said the word "flesh" on your movie

You are in fact some type of an addict

Addicted to Guns and Species Managemen

And making Loud music that I BTW love since my teenager years

I will be always a Fan of your great music

But You use Compound Bows

Let's really see if you can Hunt game

Use a 55lb. Recurve, show us that Video

Maybe I haven't seen that episode yet

You never used Drugs, we all applaud you here

But we know your Drug of choice

A daily "Hit" of American Gun Loving greed

You play mostly in the Pentatonic Scale

I know as I also play some Guitar

I still love and listen to your great music

Despite who you are in your Non-Musical life

As I can separate Art from War

Ah so few ever heard the screams of innocent bystanders

Myselg included, I consider myself lucky

Counting my blessings

Or ever see a dead Child in a rear seat restraint

Some have, and forgotten them in the Heat

This is a side effect of Stress on the Street

Also there is the random Child

Accidentally shot while riding safely strapped in

His Mother's Mini Van's back seat by an illegal Firearm

Then Boutique Gun accessories

Makes it a breeze to whack innocent people

Then come Gun safety advocates

Cleverly interviewed about nonsense by elegant reporters

Kindergarten was supposed to be

Where our children learn Social Skills and Play

Alphabetic Building Blocks

These Children enjoy being shown Animal Pictures

No rational Human would never allow

Concealed carry on their own children's campus

Some creep who thinks He is a Badass

Yet we have no funding to hire more security

We cannot put even up new school fences

Or metal detector technologies

But we can sure fund Wars

Plenty of Ammo and Bombs galore

But wait, didn't that College Student below

She carried an AR to Campus

Then these brilliant Gun lovers

With IQ's of -10

Wanting to Arm Teachers and Principals

Focusing on the effect, not the cause

Ups, that is called rational thinking, not allowed at the NRA

To carry weapons in places

Meant for learning and education

Something is seriously wrong in our America

Insanity has no limits in America

As we come up with bizarre justifications

We abet loonies, who chat about killing people

Their mad texting makes no rational sense

If all this sacred Gun lover logic was really true

 Military Tanks would be available for family fun

We would use them for off-roading adventures

Hummers and Jeeps now passé

I want my Abrahams, T-4 or Vintage Sherman

Load those Cannons up with a few large rounds

To shoot at things Americans can 

Four wheel drive vehicles now for old folk

People who live safely, own normal Guns, and respect life

 Wars we started, we back-stab locals who helped us

We are leaving loyal Afghan translators

In the iron sights of AK's of the Taliban

Tactical Firearms are now fully brainwashed

They are sanitized for your COVID protection

Lovers of these weapons claim

They are only for sport and personal recreation

We play with weapons of mass destruction

Now an full blown American obsession

Anyone who dares question this madness

Is branded a "Liberal Lefty", my goodness

Even Angels and Jesus Christ himself

Oppose this madness that I am sure

But will be branded as Democrats

The simplistic way Americans place labels

They use stereotypes and nick names

To describe what they don't understand

We have many People who never saw anything

Beyond the tip of their own Nose

When our children suffer, under hails of bullets

Fired from "legal tactical gun sales"

Politicians scatter like insects

They swerve to avoid the consequences

Of their inaction

If they dare to act or take a stance

And refuse to think in a rational manner

Their re-election campaigns suffer

Real War my American public is never on TV

War to some is a Movie

Many good Heroes and Bad guys

Real and Total War is distant and inconvenient

It would show what an AR15 was designed for

These Gun loving Americans

They never get to see

Their sacred AR15's in Combat action

Decorated and hardened Military Veterans and Heroes

They all oppose this madness

They know well these weapons and their capabilities

Unfortunately some still vote GOP

AR15's and M4's designed for Blue forces not regular people

To efficiently kill LOTS of Red Forces, this is their design

I know what I speak, as I have worked with Armed Forces

But propaganda funded by powerful Corporate interests

Leaves little concern in our protection

They just look at bottom and top lines

Their eyes gazing at profit projections

Like precision bombs

Designed to accurately strike targets from the sky

An Industrial Military Complex gone mainstream

Hey they just released

A new Tactical Weapon version

Now available at your local FFL

As we leave the firing range

We claim these weapons

Have minimal collateral damage

Then following this same logic

With high precision bombing

Why all of the innocent dead infants?

We mask reality with High Technology

Entitled Americans, have yet to feel the horrors

The sound and feel of constant Bomb detonations

I sure hope War never arrives

To our local towns or neighborhoods

Only when you face the reality

Of an AR 15 pointed at YOU

Or maybe Wife, Son or Daughter

That AR in your back closet

Will never protect you

So their brilliant response is to pack a 45

To permanently conceal carry

This then feeds the fire

As we then all must carry

 Americans love War

In Movies and Netflix Series

But almost no real combat veterans

Ever watched Rambo, it stresses them

When they see carnage it turns their stomachs

Even when on TV, the gory parts are cut out

Enjoying blood pour, you must pay to stream that Movie

Now Bump Stocks are the new issue

 Poor mans Conversion to a cheaper version

Of Hiram Maxim's Machine Gun

From a Golden Glass Hotel window in Vegas

One madman is shooting high velocity rounds

At innocent people

He carried all that destruction up Hotel elevators

In many T-Cases, nobody noticed

The dead had come to enjoy a Country Music festival

Then ended up dead in Vegas

This is not a family reunion portrait

Americans still worship militarized weapons

And invade foreign lands

Through false flags and deceptions

Our nation feels the need

To secure Oil & Minerals

Not for food or disaster recovery

That is old school thinking my friend

America has lost empathy

We are the laughing stock of the world

Now America the pitiful

On the covers of Der Spiegel

Look at the issues of Trumps election and defeat

A President who tossed paper towels

At professionals, Civil defense and First Responders

Flippant and glib

He smiled at the cameras

He wore a presidential FEMA jacket

While massive flooding and infrastructure destruction

That Maria made strange in Puerto Rico

They later found out that someone stashed precious supplies

In a lone warehouse, that was found expired years later

Our loyal troops have to carry the burden of "collateral" damage

Big Game hunters in Safari's

Slaughter rare Animals and Elephants

They take pictures a carcass this guy used a rifle with a scope

Then we accuse animals of deforestation

And environmental destruction

Maybe Mammoth's died out because they ate all the Forests?

Hunters now hunt with tactical military grade weapons

A vocal minority rules

And armed with lots of killing features

They can only feel comfortable when "Locked and Loaded"

Masculinity depends on owning a Military Grade weapon

Like Viagra for mentally impotent

Addicted to Hi-Capacity magazines

Addicted to Bump-Stocks and Silencers

"Full Auto" is now just fantastic

Don't ban this please Kamala or Biden

Then years ago I watched an American shout

"I want a goddamm Hamburger, Diet Coke and French Fries"

He shouted this to a well dressed South American waiter

This happened in a Sheraton Hotel in Santiago

I felt embarrassed to be associated with ugly Americans

These entitled idiots need a good spanking

I digress...

Claiming the root cause of shootings

Now we have a shooting for every special occasion

Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and Labor Days

These amazing weapons they sure deliver

lots of televised holiday devastation

But this all has absolutely nothing to do

With easy access to Tactical Weapons

It's all about mental conditions they claim

So what happens when that crazy guy

Easily and legally purchase any type of firearm?

They claim background checks are not the solution

Where is the logic in this whole confusion?

You can see a version of this same sickness

On the subject of COVID masks

It has little to do with Guns, and all to do with entitlement

We see them dragged off planes

And knocking out Flight Attendants teeth

When simply asked to sit and buckle up in 23B

Just poll a sad and confused population

Most have given up the fight to fix these situations

The problem is much deeper than Guns

COVID revealed the dark side of America

The narratives claim only the wicked and deranged

They are the one's who create these moments of terror

Not our laws or greater than thou, Gun obsessions

Maniacs and Criminals easily armed with Guns we sell them

No need for black markets of weapons in America

They are sold in broad daylight my friends

No need for blanked-out serial numbers

With no paperwork, they cannot be traced

Right now in America someone is down just the road

Prepping for a daily Americanized shooting

To be live on todays TV broadcast

Then we stop background checks

Due to political motivations

Now the "lovers" say

Rely on "good guys with guns"

They come and protect you

But this is one in a million

Factually reported by very few mainstream channels

When bullets fly, people freeze, get tunnel vision

They run for cover, all factual and proven

Our children practice

Cowering under school desks

Active shooter drills for Teachers and Custodians

Alarms previously meant for bad weather or fire protection

Teachers slamming doors

Rounds detonate in the hallways

Those are not firecrackers my friend

It's another day at a Shooters Office

He just showd up for work

Anyone today can be locked and loaded in America

And save us from Active Shooters

That killer dude in the Hallway

That Kid never got any parental attention

He was bullied in Elementary School

Now a cold blooded underage killer

They claim that "only madmen carry weapons"

Video Games hone their skills

Allowing Children to practice shooting others

And believe me Sir and Madam

"Gun's don't kill, you have the wrong angle"

This is all about MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for all Americans

It has nothing to do with your opinions

Guns are endlessly debated by guests on shows

There are just too many to mention

Yes in fact Firearms and Militias were needed

When our young Nation faced real oppression

Now the 2nd Amendment has different interpretations

As we swim and dive through a "Gun Soaked" Nation

 Truth diluted by false doctrines

Manicured information

Gun loving organizations

Funded by special interests

Life is not among them

They are made of common simple folk

With misguided intentions

Freedom is made from Gunpowder, Lead & Steel

Our 2nd Amendment held sacred like a Bible

But they don't follow the scriptures they read

The Gospel of Matthew 26:52 says

""Then said Jesus unto him put up again thy sword into his place:

for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."

 "Sword" = "Gun"

Same message, 2000 years later

Our American Disease

Is not in any other Country

Australia fixed it on time

With rational sensible laws

And rational frank discussions

As we pray in our Churches

And the Pastors pack heat

Pastor Bill over there

 He has owns Magnum 500

Let's bow and pray to Pastor Bill

Not to God, who is the real judge

On the day that bullet eventually gets you

We all know whenshooters make it to Churches

Not to pray

Then our Politicians holding office

They worry about their re-elections

Unable to legislate logical solutions

The obsessive American Gun fixation

Mainstream media spins truth's

Using academic journalistic powers of persuasion

Elegant paid professionals

They are scripted to a grand deception

Ratings are top priority

There's real money to be made here now

Gun sales are up this quarter !

Then innocent people die for no reason at all

Why does logic go missing in tunnel vision

We send our Thought's and Prayers

But don't attend their funerals

We justify with clever statistical aberrations

That dude behind me with road rage

That fellah had a criminal record

He legally purchased a Gun

And killed my friendly neighbor

Then as senseless as his actions

This coward blew his own head off

To avoid the consequences of his actions

If He was really deranged

He would have preferred a public Trial

To be seen by millions

With that fake blank million mile gaze

Insane folk rarely commit suicide

If they did, we would have less Gun problems my friend

True insanity usually prevents

Pulling a trigger on oneself

Background checks they claim

Are not the solution

Now they go after Voters

Claiming a fraudulent election

These same bastards stormed our Nations Capitol

And got away with Murder

Killed Capitol Police officers

Costumes, pepper sprays, helmets

Metal poles, and breaking windows

The narratives kick into high gear

It could never have been planned by members of the GOP

They all just went to D.C. to see their leader and mentor

He spoke from a bullet proof podium

Wait a minute, I thought You were brave Mr. Trump?

Mossoulini like-smirks, History's alarm bells

As if the dystopia wasn't enough

Now a Congresswoman

She equated wearing a mask

To Hitler and the Holocaust

Compliance or Arrogant Entitlement?

You decide

Maybe a torque wrench to tighten some of "her loose nuts and bolts"

She babbles in the Halls of Congress

Her childish world views

She harassed AOC in the halls

She is just another sad fanatic

Who speaks nonsense

This Congreewoman from Georgia

She is the fuels of the "New GOP"

Didn't Sean Connery state in a film "The Rock"

" Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious?"

We have no need for AK's or AR's for Civilians

Just as we have no need for F16's for Civilians

Or Tanks for Civilians

All those systems are designed for War

But the GOP and the NRA

They don't believe in anything I say

But please believe in what your Children have to say

Make rationality popular again

Their pure minds are not contaminated by prejudice

The best sign I have seen so far was from

A protester against liberal gun laws


So let's lighten up now

Eventually reason will prevail

So here is a bit of a joke, with some sarcastic humor

The GOP is the Liberal Party

They believe in Liberal Gun Laws

Out in Right field, thet reload their Hi-Cap Magazines

So these GOP Republicans

You are the nouveau "Liberals" but on Right

Not of Law and Order

 When it comes to Gun violence

And Deadly Protests

America denies


Welcome to "Middle North America"

"So how fast did they go, did you see them fly by before they wrecked?"

 "Is Zero to 60 in a millisecond, quick enough for you, or faster yet?"

"You cannot hear whispers among all the shouting"

"Why do we worship Cars that go 120, on roads designed for 75?"

"Speed signs are posted, people just ignore them"

"Tailgate, slow down, obsessed to have nobody in front, not sure yet"

"Role models, shout to get YOUR undisciplined Children's attention"

"Schooling and respect start at home not at School"

"Teachers should not have to ut up with filthy mouths"

"Spanking was a solution, it worked wonders for Me, but they made it illegal"

"Spanking is not beating, beating is abuse"

So when your Kid turns 5 and Killed the Cat, they have the nerve to say "I have my rights"

"We have thousands of streaming channels, clicking remotes with addictive anticipation"

"The obese American nation, fast food, sugar and 'mystery-chemical' fast foods that addict"

"TV Commercials, take a Pill, melts your Fat, eases all your afflictions"

"No need to work out, you lose weight on the sofa, watching television"

"Vibration machines and OMEGA-XL make you feel swell"

"We judge on appearance, and glorify looks, High level Criminals they wear Suits"

"Plastic is chemically almost eternal, in your tissues now through eating fish"

"Sea life dies, bellies full of plastic waste"

"When you chug that Beer think about the Sea, buy Glass Bottles and recycle"

"Endangered and rare Cetaceans eat plastic garbage, the new Ocean lettuce"

"I don't care for my neighbor, they are from a strange and funny land"

"When immigrants cook, it smells different"

So what happened America, when did you go angry and entitled?

We know all nations have quirks

When pointed out from a different perspective

Makes me laugh and also sometimes wonder

Makes us Human, sometimes causing pity or laughter

But when did "We The People" turn bitter and sour?

We used to be the world's Humanitarian leader

Hey did I just see, a rusty tear from the Statue of Liberty?

Huddled masses, subjected to quarantines, at the border

Welcome White looking people, not the others

I can't believe that we still use

"People of Color"

Oh wait this is deaf, dumb and blind racist USA

Read this poem by Léopold Sedar Senghor

Opens your mind

Opens your hearts

Become a Black person and feel the insults

Dear White Brother

By Léopold Sedar Senghor

 When I was born I was Black

When I grew up I was Black

When I am in the Sun I am Black

When I am shivering I am Black

When I am afraid I am Black

When I am sick I am Black

When I die I will be Black


And meanwhile youu,


When you were born you were Pink

When you grew up you were White

When you are in the Sun you are Red

When you are shivering you are Blue

When you are afraid you are Green

When you are sick you are Yellow

When you die you will be Grey


So then, which one of us is the person of Color?

Hoodies are now garments of suspicion?

Oh come on, just look at the above picture

A burning cross?

Those White Cotton Robes, who picked the Cotton?

Grand Dragons and Wizards

Hating even their own kinds

But aren't Hoodies so comfortable

They protect us from Cold and U.V. damage

My Hoodie has my Alma Mater on the front of the garment

Oh shit, it looks like a nice target!

White America now associates the Hoodie garment

With bad guys and the Police do as well

Its now a profiling tool

Assuming the wearer is up to no good

I remember Sheriff Vogel in the 90's, Volusia County

He robbed families of Cash on I-95

They were driving down

To their families, Victims of Hurricane Andrew

When people complained, the Sheriff said "sue me"

You will pay more in legal fees to get your money back, seriously

Racists abound, sometimes they keep silent

Maybe Vogel was a member of the KKK, who knows?

These KKK guys make huge fires

Burn Crosses

And get Hall Passes from the local politicians and police

Just like before the Civil Right's movement

Not much has changed, RIP President Johnson

I think the real reason is......

 Most likely, Hoodies prevent facial recogntion

From cloaked Video Cameras

So when you are peacefully walking

In a suspicions neighborhood

Don't wear a Hoodie too frequently Eminem

The force may not be with You

So the cops may not stop You with your Hoodie

But if you happen to walk

In a Lilly-White Neighborhood

And be a Black PhD, living on the same street, Newton Massachusetts

Strolling with your lovely Wife, the Cops stopped a Doctor

And questioned Him and his Wife

About their intentions

Why not America?

I also forgot to mention

Those good guys with the Guns

Broadcast on TV

Locked and Loaded

With Shotguns and Rifles

They will Hunt you down when you Jog

From the backs of their Pickup Trucks

I would call them Criminals with Guns

And for the GOP these are the headlines

"Black GOP Senator Says He's Been Stopped By Police 7 Times In A Year"

They gloss over, indeed

For those on the Right who read them

Then there is that White lady in Central Park

Accussed a Bird Watcher with Binoculars of being Black

It goes on and on and on

America just please STOP

My stomach turns, we are all HUMANS

Same Red Blood

Same Organs

Same White Teeth

Same Palmistry

Same Bone Marrow

Same DNA

All exactly the same

From China, Russia to Mongolia

Korea, Japan, Indonesia

The Forests of the Amazon

Hawaii to Palau

The Northern First Nations

The Middle East

The ancestors of the proud and mighty Aztecs and Maya

 And the Southern Hemisphere

In case there is any confusion still out there

We are all part of the same



Does anyone notice the environment is going down the drain?

We allowed ourselves

As a Nation, to become controlled, addicted and complacent

By they who are cowards and hide in shadows

Secret Societies that push Porn, Drugs and Sugar

Dark Money assumed control slowly

After all they passed Citizens United

Most Americans believe the Patriot Act is here to help us

It use to be so, for awhile

Now this act is here to stay, just like the Jones Act

One of our minutes is equivalent to one of their years

They plan things slowly with deliberate goals

I get the notion that Humans

We are not welcome in the world they envision

In a world they are forcing, we are not on their invitation roster

There are millions of faces, staring down inflation again

As we consume and waste Earth's limited resources

We discard perfectly edible food, for Freegans on their dinner tables

Destitute hungry people, just poor folk swatting flies in trash cans

Their only hope, to find a meal that will not upset their stomachs

Homeless and broke, there are now surcharges for basic human living

We make it all unaffordable for most of the American people

A sick nation with pay for play health care

Obamacare is just another Health Insurance Fraud

My friends, History always has a way to be unforgiving

We rip open Fertile Land, cull our dwindling Forests and pollute our precious Seas

While profits are still available, just bear along with me

Who knows why the Sahara became a barren Desert

Now look at our Southwest, it's happening there

The Dust Bowl was man made, no denying

The massive fishing nets and miles of baited hooks

Set into an Ocean dying

Crab cages that deliver less and less $50 King Crab leg meals

And we Hunt these creatures with technology

Whaling ships using high powered deadly spears

Bloody red waters when they "Whale and Steal"

Mother Whale tries to protect her calf

Yet as they slaughter the Mother, that little guy is a goner

Japanese and Norwegians are all about Whaling excuses

A medieval practice that used spears thrown by hand

Fishes are disappearing

Ancient food chains collapsing

Bluefin Tuna are much smaller now, if you can find one

Cans with labels that say "Dolphin-Safe"

Huge nets catch Dolphins, Turtles and other Sea life

They just don't care, just push that extra dead sea life overboard

We are decimating marine life, yet prefer the voids of Outer Space

Live Sharks pushed over starboard alive, their fins sliced off, for Asian soup markets

Drones even capture these acts, an uncaring world who refuses to act

 Our destiny is now apparent, when we refuse to see or believe

We have a bizarre culture, when the SHTF, we hoard Toilet Paper?

Desertification, burning, empty lakes and dwindling streams

We deny climate change, and confuse it with weather

We mock Asperger Syndrome of that brave young Swede

 She cares more about your Children than You and Me

Greta can still see a Tiger, before extinction

Your Children may only see Tiger pictures

How can we save the few Habitats facing the inevitable

Volcanoes, frequent reminders of a planet unstable

Lakes, Reservoirs and Rivers, tinted with profitable chemical effluents

Another red tide outbreak, runoff from Florida agricultural fertilizers

Will we face another Nuclear Disaster?

Fukushima, Selafield and Chernobyl are too far from America

Leeching Nuclear Radiation for millions of years, we remain in denial

Reality TV, a clever antidote to these strange times we live

Miserable people looking at entitled wealthy folks

They long for their miserable lives and bizarre social situations

Then dead animals wash up on shore by the millions

Is this just part of a new global standard?

Some say the Train to salvation has already left the station

 American Pie and the last Train to a radioactive Pacific destination

We accelerate the fall of the final curtain, as islands sink in a slowly rising Sea

Icebergs now come in sizes of a whole nations

The Arctic now navigable in the dead of winter

Don't worry my friends, Trump says it's all an illusion

Trump has followers who worship his lies and deceptions

He calls them "Patriots" just like the Scouts from a past Soviet Union

Those who lived this oppression see America going in that direction

As we pray to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

Our lives remain full of questionable intentions

Mankind faces an inflection of many important decisions

Of all these preventable and sad Human conditions

Our planet was in balance in natural harmony with nature

But we affected this balance and deny that we do

They say it's all fine, just shut up and forget

Our forefathers left us clues, under ruins of lost civilizations

It happened to them before, we are no different

As Pyramids whisper, we cannot decipher the message

I still carry hope that mankind, will survive this transition

Starting with small things like loving your neighbor and planting a tree

Spend time with your Children, and protect them please

Offer them a choice for a better life

Show Children Love and Maturity, give them hope for their future

After all we knew the world we had, but when it's all gone, its gone forever

Future civilizations on this planet, will want to know why

Using archaeology to solve the riddles we left behind

I will give you one basic example

Of the challenge archaeologists will face in the future

When this civilization is dead and gone

When they explore our ruins

They will spend time and resources

In their future world where there are no diseases

Trying to figure out, if drugs were so deadly

And clearly some difficult social problem

To decipher fragile binary based ancient microchip fragments

In English, now a lost language, from the year 2021

Why did they dig and discover DRUG STORES

Why did they have stores that sell poison?

On plastic signs on the ruins we left behind

Thousands of years in the future?

Lessons learned

There is a huge difference between Drugs and Medicines

One is used as a stigma, the other for our benefit

Let's rename our CVS and Walgreen's



In our Universe millions of Years

Might just be equal to 1 second

Our perception of Time is relative

But I don't think this is 100% true

Infinity and Eternity are real

 Time is our interpretation of them

An illusion we create

Hang on, you are late to your appointment

We stress out and pills we take

Just look at ourselves

We are all amazing marvels of Creation

Look at our Earth, could you ever wish for a better Spaceship?

When we Die, our Spirit continues

This is the reason we have Religion

To deal with unknowns when Science was young

We even have different Races of People on Earth

How cool is that?

We live healthy and best when we all share

Good Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Love, Shelter and Peace

In harmony and balance with Nature

God did not invent Taxes, and neither should have Humanity

Prior civiizations fought wars with sticks and stones

One brilliant person stated:

WW3 will surely be a "High-Tech Nuclear War"

 WW4 will be "Fought with Sticks and Stones"


We now have Nulear Bombs to erase humanity and all life on Earth

Just pause one moment and consider what I just said

Very simple to understand

Yet made difficult to comprehend

But we insist on complicating and trashing

What God already designed

Terrible crippling diseases

Beaten by Science and Vaccines

Get Vaxed please

There is no conspiracy

Just a terrible contagious Virus

Don't play Russian Roulette people

Science is spiritual

And have yet to reach our full potential






















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