Tribute to the audio consoles

Families gathered for talk radio, news, music and sports

Music was on 78 rpm's, LP's, and 45's records

Eventually came the Open Reels, 8-Tracks & Cassettes

Technology improved to 16bit/44.1 KHz CD, Minidisks, DVD, and BluRay

iPods and Ripping Digital files and the Napster lawsuit

Now today we have organized streaming services

millions of songs, more than several lifetimes worth

Now its music 'on-the-move'

much better sound at home, made much easier

How times have changed, for the better, and for maybe not so better

Music flows from streaming IP fountains, we don't have to go to it, music comes our way.

We now have access to millions of songs, thousands of composers, singers, players, its all so modern.

It's a world now, that is amazing to explore, also can be calming, & soothing

So why not invest in a great Home Audio System?

Maybe a dedicated listening den/area/basement/ extra room in your home?

With the proper setup, Music at Home, is just another way to enjoy free time

And explore great musical performances in High-Fidelity sound.

Music, is my raison d'Ítre

Music is the harmony of the Spheres

We orbit our own existence

in the Newtonian motions of an ellipse

enjoying great musical reproduction

during our time

Sherman Audio


Follow the thumbnails below

Safety first

Working with Electricity

It can be shocking


Hand crafted tube amps & kits


Equipment I make and build


Tube amp restorations

Repair and restoration of classic equipment


Testing & Measuring


Primer on very basic DC Tube parameters


The "Tubes" a.k.a Valves

Under Construction

I have tons of info scanning to share

just takes Me time


"Tube amps 101"

3 T.E.U. (Tube Education Units)



Speakers in the House

Everyone needs Speakers, don't they?


Tube Amp Spa

Celebrating the "Man-Cave"


Hammonds & Leslies

The tone wheel voice of Jazz, Gospel & Rock Music


Technical Rants


Bring your own Calculator


The Music

My story through musical context


Visual Vitae

Every picture tells a story


The Spirit & Soul

Biblically subversive spiritual warrior

Vacuum tube references

When you want to really understand the mathematics

these are the cool books for your Library and Shop

Yes, Solid State also has a place in the Tube garden

There are some things that Solid State does better.

Preamplification & Voltage/Current Regulation are two of these

Special mention, below my College Solid State textbook

Still relevant today, it helps me check my Calculations.

Solid State adds SPICE to your Tube recipes....

"Nothing of significant importance, ever happens idling on a Sofa"

Fetch a note pad & pencil

Plan, then stick to your plan

Consistency makes good progress

progress makes life much better

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