About my Tube Amplifier Hobby

Exploring my "story" of Vacuum Tube Amplifiers & Circuits explorations

from my Technical & Musical perspective, as an E.E. - Musician

Music is my raison d'Ítre, Music is the harmony of the spheres

Music is Atoms, Electrons, Wave Functions and Air in motion

As we orbit around our own existence

in the Newtonian motions of the ellipse

Adjust the Volume, and enjoy great listening

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The thumbnails below are about Tube DIY Audio, classic Tube Amplifier restoration

and a few more entertaining subjects I developed over the years in my free time.

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Great Vacuum Tube References

Illustrated below, my suggested Tube Audio reading, These books contain fundamentals

Full of old school vacuum tube electronics and many useful calculations.

All the publications below, I have read cover to cover...

With the exception of the RADIOTRON & AUDIO CYCLOPEDIA

I have made notes, lots of notes, and scribbled pads full of equations and schematics.

The RADIOTRON is sacred Tube Scripture, AUDIO CYCLOPEDIA, a workshop manual.

Both are Tube publications I am still reading and trying to understanding.

These books offer topics all with deeper insights than internet search engines

Audio Forums mean well, but become corrupted by subscribers, just like LinkedIn

and the rest of the Social Media platforms. The intentions are noble, the riff-raff is not.

"Nothing of significant importance, ever happens idling on a Sofa"

Fetch a Note Pad & Pen, Plan, then stick to the Plan

The Space Transport System

My own photo @F.I.T. in 1985

STS Mission

Facing North, from my College Apt.

Pentax ME Super, 50mm F1.8 Lens

Kodachrome 200

Space Shuttle Challenger experience

I shot a full roll of 36 Kodachrome 200 Color photos, of the Challenger

with my Pentax ME Super & 135mm Pentax Lens.

These photos were stolen in 1986 just prior to Graduating from my Dorm.

I used to show them, and someone decided to take them from Me.

I had a shocking view of this sad moment of space exploration.

Just look at the my photo above and picture the tragedy unfolding.

My memory of my bare feet on the Sidewalk, that that was freezing cold,

my Dorm Landline, it did not stop ringing that day, my Family all called.

Our Country lost seven Astronauts, who in the distant Future will be Honored.

Most likely by our Post Human Martian inhabitants who will likely evolve

both Physically and Spiritually in a new and strange environment.

Maybe, after a thousand Year on Mars,

they will be able to breathe that thin atmosphere.

They might be able to adapt to the Low Pressure and Extreme Cold.

Maybe the Radiation will feed their evolved Biology?

Low pressure, extreme Cold and virtually no Magnetosphere.

Only time will tell if Elon Musk was a visionary

or just another Pioneer with a vision and the means.

I am not a small thinker, that place is already full.

105B Southgate QTH courtesy of Google Earth Pro

My Senior EE project in College

My 1 KW rated, Coaxial Antenna Switching Unit

included a "Combinational Logic" 4 RF Port Digital Controller.

Offered (4) SO-239 HF/LOS Radio Output TX/RX Antenna Ports

and a single SO-239 RF Power TX/RX Input Port.

I was "Team Leader" of the three future Engineers in my squad.

We were four students, three guys and one girl

We all contributed to the Project, and learned a ton.

Being Ham since 1980, I had Fun using this Antenna Selector

at Home, after I graduated BSEE in 1986.

The Photo Below is from the assembly stage.

You can plainly see a 1980's College Dorm layout with Alcohol, Cigarettes and a total mess.

Conforming a Male only dorm/apartment.

My 1KW Oil Filled Heathkit Cantenna can be clearly seen in the left rear.

The Radio Shack Micronta VOM on the Right was with me at Motorola as well.

The external Antenna Box Center, and the grey Digital Controller and Battery on the right.

There were (4) momentary red "Latching" selector switches.

The JK"Flip-Flops" held the relay coils in place and I used DC over a control line.


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