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Illustrated below, my suggested Tube Audio reading

These contain fundamental aspects of old school vacuum tube electronics.

All the publications below, I have read cover to cover.

With the exception of the RADIOTRON, the Bible of Tubes, still reading.

Theze books offer topics that reach beyond the internet search engine

Not everything is on Google.

AI will never know what is in Your Mind...

Unless You choose to become Trans-Human?

Not 4 me, I prefer God's original version, perfection.
AI to Me is an experiment in playing God.

A Trojan Horse for those who do not understand the power

of the Spiritual and Emotional, but remain in the Physical.


A Handcrafted Stereo Tube Amplifier

Inspired by an intriguing 1940's Mono schematic

 that was almost lost in Time

The Music of Triode strapped 6F6 Tubes

The sound of a 1950's time traveler

Without the Flux Capacitor

A Classic Dual 6F6, Push-Pull, No "Global Feedback".

The Amp is stable within reason, and my doubts were answered

not by a sťance to a deceased designer, Mr. Olson.

I actually hand crafted an Olson 6F6 Stereo version from scratch

to get my question answered as nobody in any Audio Forum ever

responded with anything other than hate, ridicule or techno-babble.

 Yes the Amplifier works well, within it's own context.

Without any feedback loop, the Amplifier will go unstable at High Volumes.

There goes the Negative Feedback Audio Forum myth, that this Amp would never ever work

without Global Feedback? Not so said Olson, each Time Constant, was carefully optimized.

Each inter stage calculation, was flawless, owing to the prowess of the Olson designer.

I wonder if any deniers ever sat through Control Theory I & II, and passed?

Have they heard of:

Plant Coefficient Matrix?

Poles and Zeros?

Open Loop/Closed Loop Systems Stability

There are myths around Feedback, similar to VSWR, within the confines of

uninformed keyboard slickers, who gang up and sound real smart among themselves.

A "Planet of Audiophools", thumping chests and connecting things backwards.

Asking other Monkeys for Help, and getting a Goat Rodeo, Haters to hate.

The Olson Amplifier & Feedback

With a few dB's of Negative Feedback, the Olson works great with Electric/Acoustic Guitar.

With zero Feedback, the Olson Amplifier was not able to handle Guitar Pickup transients well.

The Olson Amp is suited to "clean power", better for Condenser Mic's, and Acoustic Instruments.

Natural Harmonics shine clean, amplified by Triode strapped 6F6 Tubes.

The Olson adds nothing, with the Triode Output Stage, an iconoclast of M.I. amplification.

The Hammond Output Transformers work very well, and are a bargain even today.

My Stereo build, prefers the "open, fast and lively" of NFB operation

Less power, more music;


Yes more Power does not always amplify better sound.

The black art of the electrons as they push and pull inside wires.

This Olson Amp for Hi-Fi use is very speaker dependent.

So before you make one for Yourself, and expect Boom & Sizzle, reconsider.

If you crave James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Crosby-Stills-Nash-Young and some Jason Isbell

this Olson might just be what you need, not what You want.

I would label the Hi-Fi version of this amp "Hearing Safe", meaning;

You will never crank it up and damage your ears, before your Speakers die.

Did I say Tweeter Safe?

No I don't think so, I would rather lose a Tweeter than my Hearing.

I would never say "Crank-it-up", instead I would say;

Sit back, relax and enjoy your sonic canvas as it paints for you in real time.

Electrical Engineering

As an functional EE (I did not stop with my Diploma)

I have 39 active years in my Profession, and have honed my eyes for detail.

My cataracts make it harder now, need more light.

And who can read Medicine Bottles" Lawyers I suppose.

Eventually I will have my Eyes updated.

I can surmise, that if you have read this far

without your "Limbic System" activating or closing my pages,

Your talents and curiosity allow you to have an

"Open-Mind" with a healthy attention span

But most important, a real sense of Humor.

Taking Hobbies too seriously, is not a Hobby, it is a Job.

Anxiety & Hobbies, a toxic blend, I never combine them.

I learned early in life that pursuing greater aims never happens

without an essential character virtue:

The ability to promise and deliver

"Nothing of significant importance, ever happens sitting on a Sofa."

Maybe under an Apple Tree?

Unless "Child Support", was not considered a factor, early that evening.

Carpe Diem

A wondrous Tube Adventure awaits those who seek.



Updated: February 19, 2024

In Ordinary Time

"Father please forgive them, for they know not what they are doing"

"The material manifestation of the mundane, the obscene, is just a countdown.

Our physical manifestation, our Bodies all start with an unknown timer setting.

Yes We can live forever, but once the Timer reaches Zero, we are all judged.

Only through Salvation, by accepting the Blood and Body of Jesus Christ, are we saved"

A prayer, for A troubled, confused world

"Jesus help those who visit my Pro-Bono Website, guide them through these difficult times"

 NOBODY holds absolute Truth, only Jesus and the Holy Father.

Luke 11; 9-13

"Ask and you shall receive"


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