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Do you want to enjoy real stories about actual troubleshooting

My Handmade Amplifiers precede my Website & go back to 1996.....

My Classic Amp Restoration Pages go back to 1999 or thereabouts.....

Point to Point - Handmade - Tube Amplifiers


You enjoy Drills, Metal Hole Punches, Eye protection and hand tools

The pre-requisites are:

A workbench, good lighting, hand tools, metal reamers and lots of test Equipment


Tube Amp Kits saves You the expense and cost of properly tooling-up

My Vintage Amplifier Restorations


Depending on the severity of your affliction for Classic Tube Amps

You may experience a slight sense of disorientation or maybe limbic palpitations

When the truth is finally revealed

Speakers of the House


Sorry, closed on January 6th :-)

My "Una-Tube" Manifesto

The Propane & Sterno for those "Tube Preppers"

The Man-Cave Spa


Therapy for "Classic Tube Amp Hypertension"



Telemedicine; for real two-way e-mail dialogue

not just LOL or ROFLMAO

First Aid Center


Safety first, preventing accidents

@ 120/240VAC nothing is trivial 

Basic Diagnosis


Technical workshop for the "Clinically Curious"

Measure, Calculate and Reveal

 Hammonds @ Churches & Bars

(This new page is partly under construction)

Vacuum Tube - Psychoanalysis

(The new page is partly under construction)

Classic Amp Hunter Guide

Tips on Hunting for a Classic Tube Amp

Making the most of your Vintage Safari


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